Mother’s Day



Su is a single mother with two young children. Her son is seven years old, and her daughter is six. They live in a twobedroom apartment in San Francisco, California. Su is a cashier at a Korean restaurant. Unfortunately, the restaurant is open on Mother’s Day, and Su has to work the morning shift from 6:30 to 2:30. Su’s children stay with her sister while she is at work. Su’s sister  helps the children buy a pretty card and a flower for their mom. They also  make a special Mother’s Day dinner with beef, rice, and salad. After dinner, the children clear the table and wash the dishes. Su and her family don’t have much money, but they have found an affordable way to celebrate Mother’s Day.


single mother – мать-одиночка

twobedroom – двухкомнатная

cashier – кассир

unfortunately – к сожалению

morning shift – утренняя смена

pretty – красивый, симпатичный, милый

beef – говядина

wash the dishes – мыть посуду

affordable – доступный (по средствам)

way – способ

celebrate – праздновать