How to ask about future plans


Ok…you have a friend who is a foreigner and you would like to ask him out. Before you do that you have to find out about his plans for the day. Here are 10 usefull questions you can use to ask about the plans:

What are you doing tomorrow? – Что ты/вы делаете завтра? 

Got any plans for tomorrow?Есть планы на завтра? 

What’s your plan for tomorrow? – Какие планы на завтра? 

Are you doing anything tomorrow? – Ты/вы занят завтра? 

What’s on the cards for tomorrow? – Что делаем завтра? 

Busy tomorrow? – Завтра занят? 

Have you got anything on tomorrow? – Есть планы на завтра? 

Have you got anything planned for tomorrow? – Есть планы на завтра? 

What’s happening tomorrow? – Что завтра? 

How’s tomorrow looking? – Как насчет завтра? 


Let’s watch a video about the fututre plans. Pay attention the way the fututre is used.

Good luck! 🙂