Free time

Словарь Упражнения


Exercise 1: 

Make a list of the words in bold and write them with Russian translation in the comments: 

I watch TV every evening.

Do you see films about animals?

What programmes do you like best on TV and radio?

I like listening to music.

A lot of young people play computer games every day.

How often do you use the Internet?

I download music and films from the Internet.

I chat to my friends online every evening.

I really like cooking.

Do you like gardening?

We grow flowers and vegetables in our garden.

I read a lot at home.

I like novels, but my sister likes comics.

I like books about nature and different countries.

She likes magazines about rock music and sport.

Do they read a newspaper every day?

We sometimes have friends round.

I often have friends to dinner.

My best friend comes to stay sometimes.

I talk to my friends on the phone every evening.

Sometimes, I just do nothing.

Grandpa likes to have a sleep after lunch.


Exercise 2: 

What do the people in the pictures like doing? 

hbbies5 hobbies1 hobbies2 hobbies3 hobbies4 hobbies6


Exercise 3:

Read your list of the words from the Exercise 1 and write in the comments which activities are interesting or boring for you.


Exercise 3:

Sing the song! (Петь песни на английском – это отличная возможность улучшить свое произношение, потренировать слова и просто повеселиться:) Петь необходимо вслух и с душой 🙂 🙂 🙂 )


Special and great thanks to Mapple Leaf Learning

Good luck!